Octagon Tumblnig Mat

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Octagon Drum for Back Handspring, Tumbling, Safety Mats/pads for, Gymnastics

Gymnastics Mat Octagon Tumbler Skill Shape Somersault Back-bend Training

The Octagons help with teaching leaps, tick-tocks, and over splits, as well as the beginning and finishing of backwards and forwards skills, such as walkovers and front and back handsprings.

The Combination of Flexible PU and EPE Foam with PP PVC coated fabric cover are perfect fit for various indoor sports activities where the protection is an important factor.

They come in many sizes and are fun to play with – you can roll over them, jump over them, and use them as an obstacle in training skills that need to have height

  • The Octagon Tumblers are a great tool to teach walkovers, front handsprings and back handsprings
  • Built with EPE and PU with PVC Coated pp cover
  • Features convenient handles for ease of use/storage

Single color or mix any 2 colors subject to the availability and quantity.

Product Specification

  • Material Combination: EPE with HD PU Foam
  • Fabric: PP PVC Fabric PVC (Poly vinyl chloride) coated with fabric cover
  • Dimension: 2ft x 6ft
  • Thickness: 2ft
  • Dimensions Customizable: Yes
  • Colors: Blue, Black, Orange, Green & Red
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • MOQ: 1

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