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The Market Place for Foams and Allied Products based in Bangalore

We Supply PU Foam, XLPE, EVA Foam, EPE Foam Sheets and Rolls, Product Packaging Solutions, Mattresses etc.

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PU FOAM – Flexible PU Foam

We supply foam in different densities (Low Density, Medium Density and High Density) in the form of sheets, cushions to be used in Mattress, Furniture, Pillows, Cushions, Packaging, Construction etc. in bulk quantities.

EPE FOAM – Rolls and Sheets

We provide EPE Foam sheets, The Low Density Poly Ethylene expanded through extrusion and made lighter density EPE Foam sheets & rolls with density of 18-24 Kg/m3 are widely used in packaging and other industries like mattress manufacturing, cushioned furniture manufacturing, car/bus/truck body building industries and also in civil construction as substitute for polythene sheets and other similar materials.

XLPE / EVA Foam Sheets

XLPS Foam Sheets – We supply XLPS foam sheets in all standard colors from 1mm to 50mm thickness in 2 standard dimensions, 1×2 meters and 1.2×2.4 meters.

XLPE is a closed cell, cross-linked, dual expansion PE / EVA foam manufactured by block process. The product offers unique features like good strength & mechanical properties at much lower weight.